Google Shopping is a service by Google that allows users to search and compare a range of products online. Google Shopping is now a must-have for online retailers. By utilising both Google AdWords and Google Merchant centre, eCommerce businesses can now put their products in front of potential customers as soon as they begin their search.


What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping ads appear in search results just like standard ads. However, the key difference is that the ads show specific products from online businesses. Product information such as the product name, price, colour, size, availability as well as a picture of the product is now shown. Google Search users who see these ads can directly purchase the product straight from Google search results.


How do Google Shopping Ads work?

Google Shopping uses Google AdWords and Google Merchant centre to show your products to search engine users. In order to set up Google Shopping, you need to upload your product information into the Google Merchant centre. Once you have uploaded your product information, you can use your Google AdWords account to manage where your ads will show. Google ads will appear when a search query contains your targeted keywords.


Benefits of Google Shopping Ads

Early research has shown that Google Shopping ads are generating higher click-through rates and higher conversion rates, all while being at a reduced cost per click compared to other traditional pay per click Nigeria Phone Number advertising methods. Some businesses are experiencing a huge 40% increase in conversion rates.

Google Shopping ads are also excellent for grabbing search users’ attention. The use of product images at the top of the SERP works as an anchor and draws the users attention. If a user is searching for shoes and they see a clear image with pricing information, that can more compelling versus traditional text ads.  Best database provider | Buy Mobile Database


Google Shopping Setup Requirements

In order to take advantage of Google Shopping, a business needs to have an eCommerce website setup that can make purchases. The Google AdWords Policies also apply and there are specific restrictions regarding counterfeit goods.

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