YouTube is a great platform to interact with users and generate engagement. Being extremely visual and interactive, and with a less formal spirit, it allows you to answer complicated questions or give product demonstrations with greater ease. By having a visual as well as an auditory aid, the video allows to explain in just a few minutes complicated topics that would require long articles that no one would read.

Video is more attractive than written text for a large part of the population and therefore it is not surprising that it is the fastest growing multimedia content. According to a Cisco report, in 2013 video consumption represented 66% of global web traffic and by 2018 that figure will rise to 80% / 90%. Given that the most used video platform in the world is YouTube (it has more than one billion users, being the second largest social medium in the world behind Facebook), it is natural to provide customer service through this channel since customers are probably already on it.

Another key benefit of YouTube is that different types of organizations can take advantage of it, from consumer product brands to B2B companies, even with highly complex products (or precisely because of that). This is due to the fact that it is the second social medium with the highest participation of the adult audience but, at the same time, half of the views are from mobile devices (predominantly used by the young audience).

Now, many will be wondering how to offer customer service through this platform. To answer this, you must first forget about the classic format by which a client asks a question or other type of request and someone (an agent) responds in a personalized way. While the comment section below the videos can serve this purpose, it is highly cluttered and  Peru phone number list  limited. On YouTube, the mechanics are the reverse. The organization must put itself “in the customer’s shoes” and identify what visual aids can be of use to them. It will produce these videos and they will serve to guide clients when they are faced with the need. These videos can even be used later on other channels to answer a customer’s question (simply by sharing the link with them by email, Twitter or Facebook, for example). Let’s look at some examples of how to use YouTube for customer service and businesses that are doing well.

Answer specific questions
Around 50% of social media users who use them to make complaints or claims want a response from the organization they are targeting. However, many times answering customer questions requires long or complicated explanations. Trying to satisfy such doubts in just the 140 characters of Twitter can be overwhelming and insufficient.

But some brands have already understood that YouTube can be the ideal medium to answer detailed or highly technical questions. An example of this is the optical accessories company Warby Parker, which for years has been offering great customer service through its YouTube channel Warby Parker Help. On this channel, Warby Parker employees respond informally daily to questions posed by their followers on both Facebook and Twitter and also upload videos about the FAQs. It should be noted that Warby Parker has few physical locations, so many questions are about the aesthetics of the lenses. There YouTube presents a great help, by providing a visual complement from which customers can appreciate the product.

For this reason, YouTube is a very effective medium to help customers view a product, making this social medium a valuable resource for clothing or accessory stores. However, it is useful for all types of companies since questions of all kinds that involve technical or visual aspects can be answered.

Online workshops
The use of a series of videos grouped under the same theme in the form of face-to-face online classes is very useful for transmitting fundamental concepts or ideas for the company and, at the same time, generating valuable content for users. The videos used as online workshops are relatively short (around 10 minutes) and can be used to explain complex technical concepts. To aid understanding, workshops are usually held

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