Recent Study Shows 80% of Google Home Results Come from Snippets


Digital agency ROAST has released a Voice Search Ranking Report. Which aims to categorize and understand how Google processes and responds to voice queries. It also tries to determine when Google Home uses. In addition, featured snippets/Answer Box results and when it doesn’t.

ROAST used keyword analytics to compile a list of “616 key phrases in the UK featuring snippet answer boxes.” It then determined the top phrases by query volume across a range of verticals such as medical, retail, travel and finance. You can read the full report here.


YouTube Tightens Restrictions on Videos with Ads

Google has set stricter rules on YouTube videos that contain ads, due to advertiser brand safety concerns. On Wednesday, Paul Muret, VP of display, video and analytics said in a blog post: “2017 was a difficult year, with several issues affecting our community and our advertising partners”.

He means issues like brand advertisements Benin Phone Number appearing on extremist, racist, and other contentious and offensive content, YouTube stars whose channels are part of the Google Preferred premium advertising program behaving badly, and alarming content involving and/or targeted to children.

Muret outlined three primary changes to further address these challenges: new thresholds for channels to carry ads, manual vetting of Google Preferred channels, and new brand safety controls and third party reporting. You can read the full report.

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Google Assistant Now Allows Users to Set Their Preferred Method of Travel

A new update allows users to set their preferred method of travel and Google Assistant will default to this method when you search for travel times. This new ‘getting around’ preference has been in testing since last month, but now it will be available to everyone.

You can set your ‘getting around’ preference by going to the settings menu and choosing ‘preferences’ and then ‘getting around’. The following options are available: drive a car, take public transport, walk, bike.


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