Adidas launched a new collection of women’s. Bras with which it seeks to vindicate the diversity. Of bodies among women and make visible. The mark of women in sports with this campaign. The german brand, in line with that product launch. Has been inspired to launch a campaign. Where they immortalize eight female athletes in statues. To honor them for their mark on sport. The advertising campaign deals with several. Statues that are located. Next to the london city hall. This marketing strategy is handled by hyperactive. London. Inclusion is already a theme. That many important brands in the world. Are touching on in their advertising campaigns. Recently adidas launched a new collection. Of women’s bras with which it seeks to. Vindicate the diversity. Of bodies among women and make. Visible the mark of women in sports. With its advertising campaign.According to Data From

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On a brand when. It speaks openly about diversity. Likewise the study details that five out of 10 people. Positively change their perception of firms. That promote gender equality and that. Include the lgbt+ community in their advertising. Adidas wants Buy Finnish WhatsApp Number to vindicate female athletes with this. Campaign the german brand in line with. That product launch has been inspired to launch a campaign. Where they immortalize. Eight female athletes in statues to honor. Them for their mark on sport. The firm details that the campaign is carried. Out in the city of london, since according to the sports brand. The action has as its epicenter an investigation. In which it revealed that london has. More statues of men and animals than women, respectively. This means 21 percent and 8% compared to 4% for the latter.

And the Musical Group Bts the Spot Would Advertise That

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It is under the direction. Of south korea’s most successful and critically. Acclaimed directors park chan-wook, where only the. Used in the recording to capture the. Images. The audiovisual that is the idea of ​​the agency. Tbwa  media arts lab, is 20 minutes. Where martial arts, romance black comedy and. “Pansori” are a mixed, a characteristic genre. Of korean culture of musical narration performed by. A singer and a drummer. Also the firm points out that the spot is called. “Life is but a dream” (life is nothing more than a dream). Explores the way that koreans have. To see the interconnection between life and death.

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