Identify the costs: these do not end with the e-commerce platform. You must also map the costs of maintenance, upgrades , new features, etc. Design the user experience : execute the user interaction strategy . Develop an e-commerce plan: many companies believe that because they have a platform they do not need a marketing strategy. Remember that the virtual world has other implications and indicators and here, the content will help you attract more traffic. Define a responsible team: as in any project, it is key to establish how many people will work in the technology and

marketing area. But, above all, who will be responsible for each activity. how does an online store workfor our e-commerce? Once the functionality of the e-commerce, the cost of the investment and the plan to be carried out have been identified, it is time for you to choose the type of platform. Before doing so, consider the following points: Build your own platform: who will develop it? Do you have a technology team for it? These are some of the questions you must answer at this point.

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You can also opt for a traditional platform: another alternative to consider is paying an annual license for a Guatemala Phone Number latform. It’s so much easier! And the technology team will work on it. Open Source Platform: in these cases you do not pay for an annual license, but you do pay for an investment in development to customize said platform in content upgrades. SAAS platform: it is obtained in the Open Source platform with a monthly fee that covers the cost of the server, maintenance and security.


As you can see, it is important that you define the type of technology that you will use, if it will be open source, if you will acquire a software service or if you are going to hire a company to help you develop the e-commerce of your dreams. Habits have definitely changed and most users make their purchases online. Do you want to digitize your brand for next year?contact us and receive a free consultationHow to achieve the alignment of marketing and sales with a Growth culture?

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Ecommerce trends in 2022: why and how to use Live Shopping? Live Shopping is a resource widely used by businesses to increase conversion rates. Learn how and why you should start using it. edward eneque edward eneque Founder – CEO Conversion rates in ecommerce have fallen to an average of between 2% and 3%. This implies great challenges for electronic businesses that have to look for other engines of sustainable growth by 2022. One of them is Live Shopping and Gerardo N. Carrión, Head of Partners at VTEX, explained what it is about in his presentation “

Live shopping : How to use live shopping and get the most out of this resource?” as part of Trends Ecommerce Day 2022, an event organized by Impulse . What is Live Shopping? Unlike Live Streaming, Live Shopping is the effective combination of streaming but including a call to action that allows the customer to buy. This experience allows you to connect with the customer while learning about some of the features of the business products in real time. “It is

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