Mila De’brito recounts how with her business selling breast milk, the woman has managed to earn up to 10 thousand pounds sterling. Social networks are an ideal place for emerging digital commerce. Athletes and bodybuilders are the main market for the sale of their breast milk. With the sale of milk you can collect a little more than 10 thousand pounds or (270 thousand pesos)The new normal forced by social distancing, opened a whole new business model which has had an incredible boom within social networks, since these allow impacting millions of potential consumers, this because according to data provided by Statista there are at least 4,338 million Internet users, which represents 57 percent of the world’s population.

This Being the Ideal Place for Entrepreneurship Stories

Such as that of the woman who sells her breast milk on TikTok. Although the sale of unusual or unconventional products is not something new, although it is still strange at times, generating large amounts of money from the sale of breast milk for adult consumption, with which he declares that he can earn up to 19 thousand pounds, which at the Honduras WhatsApp Number List current currency exchange rate would be approximately 270 thousand Mexican pesos. Woman sells her breast milk The story was made known through the digital platform TikTok, where a mother from the United Kingdom named Mila De’brito went viral, who from a short video posted from her personal profile, recounts how with her business selling milk maternal, the woman has managed to earn up to 10 thousand pounds sterling, the equivalent of more than 270 thousand Mexican pesos.

Liquid, It Is Described as “Liquid Gold”, Which Generated Great Expectation

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And hundreds of doubts. 00:05 / 00:15 00:05 / 00:15 00:09 / 00:15 it is worth mentioning. That on the internet, or at least, the domestic. Web that we know is an extremely strange place. In which it is common to find multiple sales offers. That sometimes surprise consumers, such is the case of an influencer who ended up in the hospital. For altering their diet to produce more gases, since their business. Consists of packaging them and selling them through their social. In which a woman earned hundreds of dollars by selling bottled water that left when he took a bath.

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