Today it is still very easy to find web pages that are not adapted to mobiles. For the most part, the main reason is that these websites were designed before pages with responsive web design arrived in our lives. In other cases, they simply hired a designer or a company that ignored this section, either due to their own ignorance, because the client or the company that commissioned the work did not want it to be adaptable or for countless other reasons that do not make sense. They do not make sense, because almost half of the Internet accesses are carried out through mobile phones or tablets. We are not talking about a lower percentage, we are talking about that if your page is not responsive web design and is not adapted to a mobile device, you will lose potential users, subscribers or customers.

Below I list a series of points to take into account, especially if you do not have a responsive website. In December 2014, the figure of 53 million mobile phone lines was exceeded in Spain. If you do the Peru phone number list   addition and subtraction, you will realize that in our country there are more mobile lines and more mobile phones than inhabitants. In Spain there are 47.2 million inhabitants, so neglecting mobile devices and websites with responsive web design does not seem like a good idea.

Spain, the third European country where most purchases are made through mobile

Yes, gentlemen, we are on the European podium for mobile sales. 40% of users who access the Internet in Spain make purchases through mobile phones. It is clear then that there is no longer fear on the part of users to make purchases of any kind through and less through mobile. Furthermore, 87% of Internet users in Spain use a smartphone with an Internet connection.

50% of users between 18 and 30 years old search through mobile every day

It is a very important figure that should not be overlooked. You have to take great care of the SEO of your page, but if when you appear in the results your web page turns out that it does not adapt to the mobile device, we have a serious problem. 40% of users discard a page if it is not responsive web design and look for another result in the search engine.

More tablets to be sold than PCs in 2015

This figure is also very indicative. Users prefer to be comfortable and access the Internet from anywhere. PCs are going to be relegated to work or carry out more complex tasks. Users prefer to sit on their sofa and browse through their tablet or even have breakfast reading the press on their mobile. It’s the pure reality. If your website is responsive web design, you have nothing to worry about in this regard. Now if your website is not adapted?

75% of users claim to repeat visits if the page is responsive web design Another fact that should not be underestimated. As we have repeated before, mobile users like to be cared for. They like companies to think about them and make user experiences the best.

These data are all real and you can find them by searching a bit on the Internet. What is clear with them is that if you have a company, a personal blog or an online store, you are obliged to have a responsive web design. You must think about your users or customers and offer them clear access to your company information or your services or products. This will always affect you or your company in a positive way.

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