Employer branding is a concept that refers to the. Development and management of a company’s. Reputation and image before thinking about placing. Yourself within the consumer’s preference you must. Think about the workforce a workforce that identifies. With your company generates better work strategies. The workforce is the front line of any company. The one that shapes ideas and materializes them. An important part of a good work experience. In addition to a good salary or optimal working conditions. Since workers now seek recognition assessment and professional. Development within their job growth in short employees today. They seek a connection with the company with. An organic process in which a synergy is. Generated this is possible to seek to make.

In Mexico According to Data Provided by Statista There Are at Least

54 million people in paid employment. Brands must take into account that before seeking. To win over consumers, they must think about the labor base, about the workers. Who carry out and promote the processes that add value to the firms. This is because this workforce is the one that is at the forefront. Materializing labor ideas South Africa WhatsApp numbers list and granting the necessary. Effort to place firms within labor preferences. 00:05 / 00:15 00:10 / 00:15 the importance of employees. The firms have taken into account the use of employer. Branding or by its translation the use of the employer brand. Which can be understood as a concept that refers to the. Development and management of the reputation and. Image of companies within how the force job.

An Aspect Directly Related to the Success of a Company

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But also to take into account the recruitment processes. And especially the retention of the labor force. Since a constant rotation of personnel can generate. A deficit in terms of the prospect of success of a company. The improvement of the image of a company or how. Employees perceive it, is due mostly to the economic remuneration. That you provide to your employees however. This is not the only factor that influences, since the values ​​that sustain. And found a company must be taken into account. The promotion of a collaborative culture encouraging values. Such as the vision, mission and aspects of value. That they form a dam. In addition to this process. A retrospective must be carried out which. Seeks to promote the labor base effectively encouraging. An adequate and prosperous work environment.

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