Ecommerce trends in 2022:Live Shopping is a resource widely used by businesses to increase conversion rates. Learn how and why you should start using it. edward eneque edward eneque Founder – CEO Conversion rates in ecommerce have fallen to an average of between 2% and 3%. This implies great challenges for electronic businesses that have to look for other engines of sustainable growth by 2022. One of them is Live Shopping and Gerardo N. Carrión, Head of Partners at VTEX, explained what it is about in his presentation “Live shopping :

How to use live shopping and get the most out of this resource?” as part of Trends Ecommerce Day 2022, an event organized by Impulse . What is Live Shopping? Unlike Live Streaming, Live Shopping is the effective combination of streaming but including a call to action that allows the customer to buy. you to connect with the customer while learning about some of the features of the business products in real time. “It is something that, in one way or another, is going to trigger a decision and generate a purchase,” explains Gerardo Carrión. Live

This Experience Allows

Shopping got its start in China with the launch of Alibaba’s Taobao Live in 2015. By 2018, it had already Costa Rica Phone Number enerated $15 million in sales, bringing with it a 400% year-on-year growth. Last year, Live shopping represented 20% of the entire Chinese market connected to ecommerce. Live Shopping Opportunities. The opportunities of Live Shopping According to the expert, the figures are encouraging since more. Than 14% of North Americans are interested in Live Shopping and it is projected that by 2024 it will


70% of consumers in Europe are interested in Shop Entertainment and close to 40% of North Americans consider that the use of Live Shopping is mainly due to the possibility of obtaining an offer during live broadcasts. Likewise, in Brazil, more than 88% declare that there is an intention to participate in Live Commerce sessions in the future. there is a great opportunity for growth in the use of this type of shopping experience. To do this, Gerardo shares some success stories obtained among his clients: Grupo Éxito is one of the largest retailers in Colombia

In That Sense

and considered Live Shopping as a new way to exploit its online channel. In a single live stream they generated over $8,000, a significant number compared to the average sales, and attracted traffic in excess of 5,000 viewers. Tech giant Samsung increased its sales by 385% during a broadcast. They mentioned that the Live Shopping became a perfect balance of covering technical questions from customers and being able to show their offers to connected viewers. Xiaomi Mexico also had a case of success as they increased their income by 500% compared to a previous event.

In their live broadcast, they generated more than 1,000 orders and had an average ticket of $287 dollars. What can Live Shopping do for businesses? 1. Broadcast and sell Live Shopping offers a maximum experience to customers through a session with several viewers who can interact with the brand. In addition, it opens the possibilities to carry out personalized actions such as offering a personal shopper. Either will generate a great experience and a very good conversion rate. 2. Build interaction with the public While the broadcast is taking place, it is important not to neglect the interaction.

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