We begin a new period full of objectives, purposes and new intentions, which could be fulfilled in the coming months. Technological evolution and the experience accumulated in previous years could be of great help so that in 2015 our efforts obtain greater results than ever. We have weapons in our favor, which we have learned to get a better performance, which implies better results and optimization of resources. We also have advantages such as the following: Getting traffic through mobile devices and offering a quality mobile experience is a relatively simple task. 61% of companies have already implemented some type of mobile strategy, while 75% have a mobile-optimized site, and 66% have an app.

Likewise, this year we will experience a true revolution in mobile advertising, which will grow at a rate of 43% per year until 2018. Digital media are the ideal medium to conquer Millennials, the main online consumers, especially active through Social Media. If 2014 was the year of their recognition by brands, in 2015 we will see how they display all their arts to conquer them. This involves designing content strategies aimed at feeding their concerns, betting on online video as a way to retain their Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List   attention and using social media as a direct and effective communication channel. All this taking into account its new and own scale of values, its expectations and demands, diametrically opposed to its predecessors.

Electronic commerce will continue its unstoppable growth, boosted in the first place by consumers themselves. The online sales already make up 5.9% of the global trade. In Spain they are expected to grow above 10%. All this implies the adoption of a sales strategy, not only online, but also omnichannel, in order to provide the same experience as a customer, regardless of the channel chosen by the customer. Social Media are an effective channel to connect with customers and promote engagement. Social networks continue to be the main online activity of Internet users. Therefore, the estimates are optimistic, given the significant progress made so far in digital marketing, and how they will allow the sector to evolve in the coming months.

Likewise, its influence on the purchasing process is increasingly evident, playing an important role during the product knowledge and choice phases. Our greater mastery of Big Data will allow us to improve the customer experience, and design personalized strategies with greater possibilities of success. Companies have made significant progress this year; given that, in 2013, this percentage stood at 39%. Likewise, an additional 15% trust that they will be able to obtain positive results soon from this investment; while 25% stipulate a term of 5 years to be able to register a positive ROI.


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