The forced social distancing directly influenced the growth. Of the gamer universe. It is estimated that there. Are at least 3 billion active gamers in the world. Which represents 40 percent of the world population. Fornite has a regular audience of between 6 and 12 million. Daily players the gamer universe has had significant growth in recent years. This in part thanks to the forced social distancing. Derived from the current global health crisis for hubspot the number of daily. Gamers in 2019 went from 28.1 million to 41.2 million in 2020. A figure that shows a considerable increase. However for newzoo, this figure rose to just over 3 billion.

Gamers Worldwide Which Represents 40 Percent

Of the population the growing increase in gamers. Allows all kinds of developments related to the world of. Video games to be raised Belgium B2B listings such is the case of the fornite. Universe which today is one of the favorite titles in the world. This title developed by epic games was released in 201 and. Is today one of the most played titles since. It is estimated that approximately 6 to 12 million players are contacted. Daily however it is worth mentioning that this figure can rise. During special events reaching the incredible number. Of 15 million gamers per event la reina de la soldadura. The fornite universe expands after two. Years of its official launch.

Which Include All Kinds of Characters and

Belgium B2B listings

Including content creators and characters from. World popular culture this type is frequently performed. During special events such as the arrival of the. R&b duo silk’n sonic announced by since last february 3. Users in networks have been present before the decision. Of epic games pointing out their liking for the duo. With which it will now be possible to play within. The royale battles various internet users have begun to. Share from the different digital platforms images of how. They looked the characters, in addition to generating. Significant traffic on the network about the appearance. And the celebrations that these will have. As announced by the developers of fornite.

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