This is the storage system that best manages an account. When its user dies, to maintain its virtual legacy. They compare data protection services on three. Of the leading platforms in the web ecosystem. They evaluate the accessibility that family. Members have when trying to access the account. Of a deceased person they emphasize the. Importance of facilitating the virtual legacy of a person. To their loved ones. According to android authority. Google manages death better than any other storage. Platform giving the opportunity to rescue. The virtual legacy of the account and transmit the data. Of the deceased to their family and friends.

The Company Compared the Most Popular Online

Services that offer mail messages photo cloud documents. And many other tools, and the three finalists were. Google facebook and apple among Media Director Email List the factors that were. Evaluated is the ease with which loved ones can. Claim access to an account because although security. Policies protect them to prevent misuse of information. When it comes to a death it is important to release the. Virtual legacy of users, such as bank accounts. Insurance and memories google the analytics leader linked. To the inactive account manager (iam). The company allows people to be notified and data to be shared. When a user is inactive for a certain in any of its services.

If You Don’t Log in for Example to Your Gmail

Media Director Email List

Account for three six 12 or 18 months google will try to contact. You by email or sms and if no response is received. Notify one of the 10 registered trusted contacts. Inactive account manager allows you to notify. People and share data with them if you have. Been inactive for a certain period of time. In addition the user can decide which contact will. Download what information and even give them permission. To delete the account therefore. The importance of configuring the ami because in the event. Of death the relatives must send a request. To access the data with official identification and. A death certificate facebook in second. Place similar to the previous strategy.

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