the responsibility of filling that prospect. 4. Feedback This is nothing new, but as we execute the processes, we have to keep our ears open to understand how they are working,  there are problems. And since a joint work dynamic has been established, bring these issues to the table and see the best possible solution. corporate learning culture Foster a culture of learning You have to understand that growth is change.

And when you change, you are wrong. Therefore, a first step to analyze is to identify how we are seeing the errors. Are we punishing them? If so, chances are people are limiting themselves. Therefore,by proposing a culture that celebrates mistakes. Understand that when we make mistakes, there is learning behind. If we did something wrong or in the wrong way, it doesn’t matter, because it was learned. However, we must remember that the learning culture seeks not to make the same mistake every time.

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For example, if I made a mistake in a certain area, I already have that learning, so I can move on to make Hungary Phone Number ew mistakes, but not the same one. Another parameter that we must give is to provide clarity on where mistakes can be made and where not. The clarity of the message, strategy and vision is key because it allows the people who are working on a day-to-day basis to know where we are going, where we are oriented and have certain barriers where they can move. In this way, the errors will not be catastrophic


, but within what is manageable. Third, we need to provide coaching or accompaniment from leaders to people who are at the front of the line. This is really complicated to materialize. Today at Hubspot we spend 60% of a leader’s time on coaching . They take their teams, identify skills and generate a work plan where both parties commit and learn to move their projects forward. We are no longer talking about a manager who only looks at the numbers and gives 2 or 3 orders, but rather we see a professional , whose work has become closer to that of a psychologist, who seeks to understand what

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collaborator, what is happening with his family. , what makes you happy, what are your long-term goals and your personal goals. Those conversations allow that, in the end, the person grows. To close, learning is not necessarily about selling, but about making people learn and grow within the company. As Eduardo Eneque, CEO of Impulse, also mentions. It is necessary to “enable growth processes within the company, provide spaces for the team to learn new things and facilitate the development of their skills and

competencies.” The time has come for us to talk and analyze the needs of your business! Schedule a free session today. that there is a tendency to respond to the seventh or ninth attempt. So it is necessary to fill that gap in the most efficient way possible. Today it is no longer necessary to follow up in a mechanical way that takes time and wears out sales staff , when there are tools such as Hubspot’s CRM that allow you to automate and optimize these tasks.

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