In the 2 years since I entere the industry, I have done a lot of projects, such as the current: offline inspection standardization, employee behavior management Bahamas Phone Number system, etc. But there has been no systematic review of these experiences. In order to make these practices my own experience, I decide to make a summary of them. Now, let’s start with the project of
Bahamas Phone Number offline inspection standardization. I hope my thinking can bring you some inspiration. 1. What is offline inspection standardization? The customers serve by the company will manage the daily operation of its stores through offline inspections in business; and we are commercializing this business model to help them work more efficiently.

Pain Points and Creating Bahamas Phone Number

SaaS products of this type of service model are a means of supporting customer business development, helping customers with the same pain points and creating Bahamas Phone Number business value for the company. 2. Why do offline inspections standardize? This is the first major Bahamas Phone Number project I have done with a product in the industry. From participation to leadership, although I did it ignorantly Bahamas Phone Number at the time, after reviewing it, I found that a lot of information was hidden in daily communication. Later, I found that whether it is product planning or implementation of projects, following the top-down thinking mode can help us “more effectively clarify the way of doing things and avoid waste of company resources after rework”. For example to analyze: 1. Company positioning

Customer Business Development Bahamas Phone Number

Bahamas Phone Number List
Bahamas Phone Number List

The company provides video surveillance operation services. By accessing the cameras in the customer’s store, the surveillance images are slice ​​and filtere, Bahamas Phone Numbers and the behavior of employees designate by the customer is paid attention to, and the customer is regularly informe. PS: For customers in different industries, the offline units connecte to the camera will be calle differently. For example, Bahamas Phone Numbers catering and retail industries are calle stores; fire protection, construction sites, etc. are calle sites; schools are calle campuses or kindergartens; Some of them are in the catering industry, so they are collectively calle “stores” below. 1) Moreover  are the customers? B-end customers such as chain brands, as well as government and enterprise customers. 2) What problem do you want to solve the customer? Type 1 customers:

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