One of the elements that was present in all the predictions of what had to be done in 2015 and that continues to be present in all those that try to anticipate what will mark 2016 is the video. Video is a regular on the list of trends, because its consumption growth forecasts continue to be very high. Brands therefore have a wide margin of maneuver to find a position that helps them reach consumers and can still take great advantage of video.

In fact, expectations are that video will grow dramatically in 2016 and video will become a key element that every marketer will need to understand and employ. “In 2016, marketers will need to add video marketing to your list of skills to be competitive for future employers and clients,” he told BizReport Brad Jefferson, CEO and co-founder of Animoto. A marketer who does not know how to move in the world of video will not have much to do in the market during the next year. Videos will also be a bit more complex over the next year and marketers will have to be able to move in a world in which they will be required to be able not only to be behind the effort in creating and releasing videos but also in moving. in a more technologically complex environment.

In addition, Animoto’s forecasts indicate that new players will enter the video battle, making the content offer much wider. On the one hand, SMEs will launch to produce their own videos. Small companies will  Japan phone number list  not give up this opportunity and will produce their own videos, following in the wake of large firms. On the other hand, 2016 will be registered, they anticipate, a peak in the production of DIY videos. In other words, consumers will not simply wait for brands and content providers to release videos. They will also be content producers.

New players aren’t the only elements that will make the video niche more complex. Platforms will move in a much more competitive environment that will make brands have to play with many more cards in the deck. By the end of 2016, they forecast that there will be about 20 billion daily video views on Facebook, which will become a powerful (even more) player in this field.

Video advertising, a field that is also more complex

And if the video market is complicated for content, it will also do so for the very emerging and increasingly powerful video advertising. Brands will have to play in 2016 not with new rules but rather with a more complex version of what they have.

As explained the CEO of Boost Media, Tim Krozek, the video market has received a boost during 2015 will affect what brands can do in this field. On the one hand, the market will make brands have to launch more ads. It will be something natural. As the video market accelerates and grows, it leads to the need to create associated advertising content. There will be more opportunities to position ads and brands will have to take advantage of them. This will also create high pressure on brands, who will be drawn into creating video ads whether they want to or not.

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