The companies finalize the details of what their action plan will be for next year. After taking stock, we have been able to observe which strategies continue to be the most relevant, and which trends will be consolidated in 2015. Salesforce data shows the strategic forecast of companies for next year and those aspects in which these companies intend to strengthen by implementing notable improvements. Integration is essential to optimize actions 86% of marketers consider it necessary to design a strategy that includes all points of contact with the customer, during the purchase cycle. However, only 29% of them have so far managed to carry out this purpose. Companies need to learn to think like the customer A task that continues to be complex, and in which more and more companies are striving to achieve. 56% of large companies have already developed a customer-centric strategy; that includes actions aimed at being present in each and every one of the phases of the purchasing process; at the different points of contact with the client. In the case of smaller organizations, this percentage is lower, reducing to 1 in 3.

In general terms, companies state that they need to improve their skills in the areas of analytics (32%), as well as to offer quality customer service (23%) and act in a coordinated way internally (18%) . What technology is used in the Social Media department, and what is its degree of effectiveness? 86% of companies agree when stating that it is necessary to use analytics, in order to know the performance of the strategy, and optimize the results. Of these, 53% indicate that it is an effective technique. In  Belize WhatsApp number list   second place in order of importance, companies bet on CRM as a basic tool for customer knowledge (72%); Before which, only 45% affirm that its application is effective. These companies also use technology to optimize content management tasks (77%), automation marketing (54%). Similarly, they use tools for social media publication (48%), monitoring (45%), or productive intelligence (44%). Social networks, basic for business 46% of marketers say that social media is a must for their business.

They have learned that they are not a sales tool, but a channel that allows them to approach their target audience, and establish direct contact with them. When it comes to selecting which channels to develop their online presence on, 89% continue to bet on Facebook; in a percentage very similar to Twitter (87%). For its part, LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, occupies a deserved third place in this ranking (75%), followed by YouTube (72%). Mobile devices, more present than ever in the online marketing strategy Smartphones and tablets occupy a preferential place in the day-to-day life of customers and, therefore, also in the strategy of companies. 86% of consumers say that mobile devices are essential for their day to day. To reach them, 30% of companies develop actions based on location; 47% have a mobile app; and 41% have specific campaigns for specific dates. 51% of them have already been able to appreciate the return on their investment in this area.

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