More than 40% of the organic web traffic received by the different economic sectors comes from mobile devices, according to a recent research carried out by RKG with data from 2014. A figure that is no more and no less than 31 points higher than that experienced in 2013. However, one may wonder, do mobile devices affect all industries equally? And within this type of media, do smartphones and tablets work the same?

A study carried out by Adobe, “Best of the Best Digital Marketing report”, indicates that the actions of mobile devices significantly influence all economic sectors. However, according to this document, the number of visits registered by tablets began to decline in the fourth quarter of the year and it is estimated that this trend will spread to all economic sectors, especially those related to the media and the industry of the entertainment, whose registered visits will be determined by the rise of phablets.

Similarly, these sectors – including media and entertainment, tourism, retail, telecommunications, technology and banking – register a higher percentage on average coming from smartphones than from tablets. Thus, it is this sector that registers the highest amount of web traffic from mobile devices, specifically, 61.6% of the total visits received.

Similarly, media and entertainment are the sector with the least difference around the subdivision between smartphones and tablets. Thus, the former account for 35.5% of the total visits they receive and the Romania Phone Number List   tablets the remaining 26.1%. Next is the tourism sector, whose web traffic is made up of 48.5% of visits from mobile devices. In this case, the disproportion between the origin of visits is reduced and those registered by smartphones constitute 31.1%, compared to 17.4% experienced by web traffic from users’ tablets.

Data very similar to that experienced by the retail sector, which receives 44.4% of its visits from mobile devices (26.6% from smartphones and 17.8% from tablets) .In this sense, telecommunications They are the fourth sector in terms of the amount of web traffic it experiences from new communication media, with figures similar to those previously shown. Specifically, this sector receives 43.3% of visits from smartphones and tablets, the first indicator representing 25.6% of total registered web traffic and the second, 17.7%.

On the opposite side of the classification are the sector dedicated to finance and activities that the technology sector brings together. Thus, in the latter case, the web traffic registered from mobile devices is 31.3%. When this figure is broken down, it is also found that smart mobile phones are once again the most used medium by users, although it decreases with respect to the figures experienced by the rest of the sectors: 19% compared to 12.3%.

For its part, the sector that brings together financial services is the one that obtained the lowest percentage of visits from tablets and smartphones. This was 22.5%, with web traffic coming from mobiles representing 13.8% of the total and 8.7% the percentage of visits coming from tablets.

A relationship between different economic sectors that confirm the rise and importance of mobile devices today in terms of good business results through web traffic and their positioning. And a way to observe, in the future, the impact that these devices are destined to play in less time than it seems to us.

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