Online marketing is assuming a definitive role in many marketing plans for companies. So much so that investment in this discipline and its tools has increased exponentially in the last 2014. This should not surprise us since the digitalization process that the offline world is undergoing, due to the increase and internalization of the use of Internet by customers, causes that it is undoubtedly an emerging sector in which at this time we can not appreciate its decline or even maturity in the short term. But what are the short-term trends in online marketing?

I believe that a substantial increase in the weight of electronic commerce as a channel will be appreciated shortly. This increase in activity will be much more marked and explosive than the current evolution of e-commerce. Yes, e-commerce will definitely explode in the coming year, so betting on business models in this area can be very interesting, provided they are well planned, of course!

Social networks are becoming more and more commercially important, each day it has greater power of influence among people, so a more commercial evolution is foreseen in these social networks, Facebook seems to be betting on new formulas that promote this commercialization in addition to generating fans , Twitter is also addressing Uganda phone number list   formulas for the same, with which this will cause a domino effect in the rest of social networks in terms of interest in marketing via the network. We have always verified that it was not a good strategy to sell directly in networks, that maxim will change and social aspects of relationship with marketing will be combined and interact more clearly every day, as in life itself. Be careful, more commercial and sales activity in networks.

The online market is increasing in size considerably, we are experiencing a time of overturning of all business proposals to the network, so we do not know if it is the cause or the consequence of the digital market having exploded in volume. Another consideration that we must bear in mind is that this same market, the online market, in addition to growing in number, grows in potential. Therefore, the attractiveness of the digital market improves by the day, both in volume and in potential and accessibility.

A process of experience is taking place between the actors and companies of the digital market that forces the need to have talent and professionals, either on staff or outsourced, who take care of the marketing requirements of the company in the market. Customers increasingly have a greater critical capacity for the actions that are developed in online marketing, and that is why they are increasingly demanding in the results to be obtained and in the procedures to be used. The “charlatans sell fumes” in online marketing have more and more difficulty for their claims and seek new targets, mainly companies that do not take the online market seriously. The culture in online marketing is increasing significantly and will continue to do so with much more solvency and assiduity,

The ROI of online marketing is undoubtedly going to become a much more important and widespread control criterion than it was until now. This is usually the logical sequence in any activity, when you really bet on a discipline, it is when control is established in a formal, structured and professional way. The ROI will definitely measure all the KPIs that are understood as necessary by the company to be able to make decisions and to be able to assess the work that is done in digital marketing. ROI can be applied to social networks, interactions with clients, the web, campaigns, customer service, etc., its use this year is going to skyrocket in areas that had not been applied until now and with much more frequency. The novelty is that we will soon be able to see how ROI is applied to activities that have not been done until now. New KPIs that may surprise us because they are unusual or due to a change in their definition. This will mean new decisions, because the strategies will change.

Finally, let me know that in 2015 I believe that content marketing will be king. Therefore, content creators, content managers, and exhibitors will have great relevance from a commercial perspective. Undoubtedly, this content that is to come will bet on highly audiovisual and attractive formulas, which with the proper help and technical support, will cause us to see more short videos in more places, and with the same navigation comfort. Content marketing is a safe bet, good content marketing, as you can imagine.

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