Not only do accurate captions create an equal viewing experience for deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers, but. They also ensure your organization is in compliance with key accessibility laws. The industry standard for. Captioning accuracy is 99%. A 99% accuracy rate means there is a 1% probability of error or a leniency of. 15 total errors per 1,500 words. Accuracy measures punctuation, spelling, and grammar . Note : punctuation. Errors can be subjective. At 3play, we measure our accuracy to include punctuation because. We believe incorrect punctuation can make.  A huge difference in understanding a file. We will learn to cut and paste children vs.

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To including punctuation, we also have internal standards. To meet linguistic and legal requirements for. Quality captions. Download the 2020 state of rsa annual. Report why is it 99% accuracy and not 100%. Neither technology nor humans Spain Phone number can provide a truly 100% accurate caption file. Automatic speech recognition (asr) is good. But not good enough to exclude humans from the process. Asr does not include speaker identifications or significant. Sound effects. Asr transcripts are notoriously riddled with. Inconsistencies in spelling and grammar. That’s why it’s important to have human editors review the. Transcript to ensure the quality of the captions. So how do errors affect your content? Decreases reading. Comprehension poorly reflects.

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Dcmp and wcag standards changes the meaning of your content makes your content inaccessible. Challenge our competitors’ claims about caption quality we decided to challenge 2 major competitors on. Their 99% accuracy claims. We have filed several files with: good quality sound varied subject duration of. 5+ minutes ️ we measured the accuracy of each file based on misspellings, grammar errors, and word error. Rate (wer). Note: wer is commonly used in the speech recognition community to judge and determine. Asr quality. We also measured accuracy, including and excluding punctuation. Numbers should n’t lie the. Two competitors we challenged claim a 99% accuracy rate on all their files. But in reality, their measured.

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