Marcelo arnone Digital Marketing · Customer Insights · Content Strategist · Consultant · Trainer · Lecturer · … ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences Master in Strategy and Creative Brand Management – UPF-BSM Learn to conceptualize a brand and define its creative and communication strategy. Content marketing strategies have been a recurring theme for a long time in the offices of marketers. As usual in the digital age, things change fast. Especially users, potential customers. Content in general and multimedia content in particular is the key asset of the game played on the internet. How do marketers rate content marketing? There are at least three areas that reflect the relevant role of content within marketing strategies.

The initiatives are incipient but changes are beginning to be seen. The formats . Different content formats are beginning to be considered depending not only on the audience but also on the point of contact, the channel and the business model. This seems obvious, until now it was not very frequent and it was used to define a single type of content (case studies for example in B2B businesses, or photo galleries in BTC businesses). Now there is a tendency to develop a mix of content formats. The channels . Well-defined strategies by channels are beginning to be considered. The blog is revalued as a corporate channel, with fresher and more customer-centric approaches.

The blog begins to stop being a “nice to have” and begins to be a “must have”. Social networks should be the star channel to gain audience at a relatively low cost and with a good reach. Time . The UK WhatsApp number list  sales process begins to relate to the content. The content should not be the same at an initial moment of contact with the customer as at a later point in the purchase. You are beginning to consider that content to contact potential clients should fulfill a different function than content prepared for a client. What do marketers expect from content marketing? The expectations in relation to content marketing are high and the truth is that everyone expects to see an impact on the volume of business.

The reality of content marketing pioneers is that writing is not enough. It’s about connecting with the audience. This is not a commercial discourse elaborated in another way, it is about adding value to users. Once this path is in sight, impacts are expected on at least three levels:In visibility and notoriety in the market. In the ‘nurturing’ of potential clients and the influence in the sales process . In the loyalty of current customers. What data do marketers handle on the effectiveness of content? All marketing managers have access to data, mainly from the American market, which to a certain extent can be translated into Spanish.

These data are allowing them to increase budget items if there were any and start projects from scratch if there were not yet. For sample, some data: Internet users spend more than 50% of their time on the Internet consuming content. Blogs generate 400% more indexed pages than a corporate website. Companies with an active blog, with at least 3 publications a week, report 97% more leads than those that do not have it or those that do not actively publish. The conversion rate is 105% higher in users who interact with content, opinions and ratings of a brand.

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