The great digital wave has thrown marketers into a tight spot. The reality that they knew up to now has radically changed. To cope, they need to develop new skills, renew their techniques and, above all, learn to work with new tools. In this situation, what do their superiors expect of them? What solutions should the marketing department provide in the digital age? An interesting approach made in an article by Lucy Fisher for The Guardian, which reflects the perception of 6 CEOs in this regard:

“They help us understand what is and is not working.” So says Nicholas Green, CEO and founder of One of its advantages is that everything can be measured. For this reason, the department must be able to decipher the large amount of data they face, define the conversion funnel and know the keys to optimization. It is true that all this implies immersing oneself in the complex world of numbers, and figures, but it is absolutely necessary, in order to establish quantifiable objectives, and to know the evolution of the strategy.

Another great challenge is to measure the return on investment, attributing the results to the actions in Social Media or inbound marketing. We can not only think in terms of engagement, but also include other vocabulary such as lifetime value, or conversion. Social Media play a decisive role in the strategic evolution of the organization, according to Shaun Gregory, CEP of Exterion Media. Thanks to 2.0 means it is possible to develop an integral company culture, which is implemented globally to all members of the organization.

Creativity without a practical vision is meaningless. This is the vision of Gracia Amico, CEO of For her, marketing must change, in order to adapt to the needs of the company, but for this, in the Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List   first place, she needs to assume the new demand of the sector, and get on the bandwagon of technological innovation, which implies adopting for a whole point from a more commercial point of view. Creativity is the fundamental engine, the basic differential characteristic that can empower a company. However, without the strategic point of view, it cannot be effective.

Marketing helps to get leads. As Reggie Aggarwal, founder and CEO of Cvent, tells us, thanks to the new marketing tools, it is possible to know with a greater degree of approximation what the target audience is like, where they are and the best way to impact them. Hence the need to use these advantages to get interested customers, get them to translate into sales, and measure the investment required, as well as the results obtained.

Marketing today requires the conjunction of various skills and disciplines, ranging from the most creative, to the most technological, or analytical. A combination that will significantly enhance your effectiveness and the representation of marketing within the company.

Marketing allows you to spend more time with the customer, notably improving the quality of that service. This is the premise defended by Phill Jones, CEO of BRoher UK. Thanks to new marketing techniques, it is possible for the company to get closer to the customer, get to know them and provide them with a quality experience.

Improving the customer experience is essential, a fundamental aspect to improve the performance of the company. A dissatisfied customer can seriously damage the reputation of the brand, so it is advisable to use all the means at our disposal, in order to avoid this situation. For this, marketing helps us detect needs, design strategies and take measures to improve the relationship with the company. Advantages that will contribute to building a solid and stable relationship with clients.

The marketing department can finally demonstrate the effectiveness of its strategy with facts (Debbie Williams, CEO of Every company demands benefits, to know the profitability of each action, and to propose strategies around quantitatively achievable objectives. However, marketing until now was outside of these demands. Instead he spoke in terms of intangibles, immaterial goals, and actions impossible to measure. Now, finally, marketing has the possibility to demonstrate its effectiveness, its contribution to the profits of the company. It can become essential within the organ

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