Already fully immersed in the last quarter of the year, we inevitably set our sights on 2015 to come. It is time to take stock, rethink objectives and design actions for the new period. Therefore, it can be of great help to anticipate events, and study trends, in order to develop planning according to market prospecting. The Wheelhouse infographic shows us 10 trends in online marketing for 2015. Perhaps little news compared to what we have already seen emerging in recent months, but that confirms these trends.

Companies will continue to bet on content marketing. Companies already spend a quarter of their marketing budget on content development; which has several applications. On the one hand, it is the indispensable food of Social Media. Relevant content is one of the top 3 reasons users follow brands on these channels. Specifically in the case of B2B, the content strategy focused on their blog allows them to generate up to 67% more leads than the rest of the companies that do not apply the content.

The implementation of Big Data will be crucial to optimize the strategy. Thanks to the tools, companies are able to collect and decrypt the data provided by their strategy, more easily. That is why they are willing to invest in this type of solution. Thus, 60% of them will allocate more resources to analytics. Specifically, those responsible for marketing spend 8% of their budget to analyze this information; a percentage that is expected to increase in the coming years.

Inevitably, the more content, the more saturation, and the more low-quality content. Consequently, Google Panda’s battle against poor content will continue to be the order of the day. In 2015 we will see the  Lithuania WhatsApp Number List   consequences of Panda 4.1. Guest posting will lose relevance. Since Matt Cutts, head of Google in the antispam battle, spoke out against the guest post as a way to get backlinks, interest in this type of practice has declined significantly. Less than 20% of companies say they will continue to use guest authors to feed their blog.

Audiovisual content will continue to be the most demanded on the internet. Its ability to generate conversions is beyond question; quality videos can increase sales by up to 174%. A content that convinces both ordinary users and professionals. 75% of executives consume online videos at least once a week; 50% of them on YouTube. As a response, 65% go back to the web site that is referenced in it.

Businesses will increase their investment in software and tools. In addition to analytics, to optimize their content marketing strategy, companies have automation marketing tools at their disposal. A sector that this year has grown by 60% and will continue its development in 2015. Personalization will be the key to success in online marketing actions. 74% of customers can’t help being frustrated by irrelevant content. On the opposite side, companies that are committed to a personalized web experience, managed to appreciate a 19% increase in results. On the other hand, personalized email marketing actions improve CTR by 14%; and up to 10% in conversion.

The higher the segmentation, the higher the chances of conversion. Less than half of the users refuse to have their data recorded and used for commercial purposes. All is said, as long as such information is used to improve your customer experience. Targeted advertising actions double their effectiveness. In the case of retargeting, it can increase the interest in the product by up to 1000%.

Mobile devices will outpace the computer. It is expected that this coming year, mobile devices will definitely surpass the traditional computer (Morgan Stanley). According to Zenith Optimedia, the investment in these small devices will grow 7 times faster than in the case of the pc. When it comes to designing a strategy for mobile, let’s not neglect mobile apps. 42% of sales registered on these devices are made through applications. In 2015, we will also witness the evolution of wearables, still in the full phase of development and adoption by users.

Advertising investment in the online medium will continue its unstoppable increase. Globally, the stake in online advertising is expected to increase by 10% this year. Mobile devices deserve special mention, which this year increased by 56%. In 2015 its growth was established at 48%.

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