A picture is worth a thousand words, the saying goes. And the truth is that in the marketing universe the phrase is full of meaning. This is due to the significant effectiveness of image-based advertising and marketing content, in any of its manifestations, which is confirmed by a large majority of sellers. This is what emerges from the latest research carried out by the DigiDay company regarding the power that visual marketing has today. Thus, 95% of the marketers they interviewed recognized that content that includes images was more effective in achieving their objectives than those that only contained text. A response to which 9% of those surveyed added that it was up to 10 times more effective.

Social networks specialized in images, such as Pinterest or Instagram, blogs, forums, media based on them. The truth is that these data should not surprise us, given the magnetism that images have among users, but we should ask ourselves about the types of images that users use and which, within these, are more interesting in terms of that the Macedonia phone number list  achievement of business objectives is concerned. Thus, the majority of respondents indicated that they used free bank-based images in the first place, as well as commissioned photo galleries. In the same way, the photos and videos taken by the users were also positioned among the most disseminated materials by the brands, in addition to the original illustrations and the commissioned video design.

In this sense, 55% of the sellers surveyed said that free bank images are the most popular among them, as they use them to a greater extent because they require little effort when publishing more attractive content thanks to them. However, according to this company, these images are less effective and original than other types of visual content. Thus, the study revealed that professional photos are the most effective forms of visual content currently on the market. A content that must be part of any marketing strategy, which must be combined with videos, infographics and content created by users. Similarly, the report also advanced the importance that companies place on images as pillars of their marketing strategy and more than half of those surveyed admitted that their teams spend at least a quarter of the working day analyzing this content. visual, generating ideas, editing drafts and, finally, publishing it.

In parallel, this research also highlighted the main challenges and challenges that brands go through in their day-to-day life when it comes to publishing images. Thus, time and material and budgetary resources are consolidated as the main key issues and challenges that these organizations must face. Not for this reason, 30% of those surveyed sellers indicated that they required half of their time to develop their visual marketing strategies and 15%, that they used 75% of their time to carry out this activity.

That is why this company recommends that sellers who opt for these strategies outsource this function to specialized online marketing agencies. A decision that more than half of the surveyed companies have already chosen, becoming one of the most effective alternatives when developing their visual marketing strategies.

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