They are one of the star content among users and companies should make use of them intensively. We are talking about moving images, about videos on the Internet, which not only appeal to users but also become a powerful tool for brands and advertisers when it comes to improving their business results. Thus, it is not surprising that video reviews of products have grown by leaps and bounds, spreading to all kinds of sectors, and that this trend will continue. At the moment no landing date.

But what specifically are video reviews? With this term we are referring to videos of a monographic nature about a certain product or service. The content of the same deals with the characteristics and functions of these and is carried out both by an amateur and by the production companies and, increasingly, by the manufacturers and distributors of these.

With regard to its continent, video reviews are short videos, in which a series of brushstrokes are given on the most prominent features of a given product or service. In the same way, and starting to analyze its  South-Africa phone number list  content, the product is subjectively valued in them, so opinions are an essential part of them, especially in cases where they are signed by amateur users.

Another very different thing is what happens when brands are responsible for the preparation and dissemination of product video reviews, turning these contents into more serious and professional mechanisms, in which information and description prevail over opinion and opinion. assessment.

Because they are important?

Product video reviews have become a very effective strategy for companies. This is due to the behavior that the audience follows with respect to these materials. In fact, it is a very interesting and effective solution to test the opinions of users about a certain product or service. In fact, according to a study by Offersan, 53% of consumers are carried away by the opinions of other consumers and for Ipsos, content in the form of opinion has become the one that most influences the audience.

In this sense, companies must be aware of the importance of video reviews for the impact they may have on their final sales since according to another recent analysis, this time carried out by Dimensional Research, the bad reviews that a product or service received in this type of content can destroy the interest of potential customers in 86% of cases.

Visual … and reliable

And these large figures, why are they transferred to the field of video reviews? Specifically, due to the high confidence that both the format, the content and the assessment that they make on the users. In fact, 50% of consumers recognize that they trust the criticisms that are poured into a video review, according to a study by Invodo.

Confidence is transferred to the area of ​​purchase intention, since according to another study, this time prepared by Aminota, three-quarters of users are willing to buy after having seen a product visually. Thus, companies have high potential when it comes to exhibiting their products, both from within, as well as their own packing. Along the same lines, the high percentage of users (77%) who consider that companies that make videos of their products are more engaged is striking.

Video reviews are also a very relevant option for companies when it comes to improving their search engine results. This is because video content considerably facilitates positioning, thanks to the number of users who view this type of content on a daily basis. It is only necessary to go to the visual support social networks to confirm that these are the platforms with the greatest presence of users today.

For these reasons, video reviews have become a very attractive tool for brands, whose use and distribution has no signs of disappearing. However, it must be borne in mind that for these contents to provide them with the results they seek, they must carry out other types of offline strategies, which confirm the favorable opinion of the users who make these contents, as well as online, since It must have all the necessary presentation mechanisms – from the video montage to the keywords for which it is positioned – so that it achieves the results it is looking for.

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