Does anyone doubt the potential of online video at this point? Have companies already started to include it effectively within their content strategy? How can they use it to grab the attention of their target audience? Syndacast’s infographic shows us interesting data on trends and useful application of online video for companies and brands: Video content is the most in demand on the internet, and it will continue to be. In 2017, video will make up 74% of internet traffic. Companies that want to develop an effective content strategy will not be able to do without the moving image.

Companies are already betting on online video. 93% of them have included audiovisual content in their marketing actions, whether they are sales or communication oriented. Online video is a very versatile type of content, which allows a multitude of applications, formats and objectives. Content marketing with video reports the best results. More than  Armenia WhatsApp Number List   half of marketers globally indicate that video is the type of content that gets the best ROI. Adequate monitoring allows companies to know not only the number of visits, but the type of interactions, as well as data on the amount of content viewed or its geographical location.

Both B2B and B2C companies coincide in their effectiveness. Both consider video to be the third most effective social marketing technique. Audiovisual content is the real king on the 2.0 stage. Users enjoy consuming video online. For them, it constitutes their preferred content, which implies that they are leaving aside the text, to move to the moving image. 65% of video users watch more than 75% of its duration.

Users are starting to pay more attention to video ads. This is reflected in a visual mapping study. Thumbnails, CTAs and video suggestions make a good impact, as long as they are relevant. Using video reinforces the email marketing strategy. Including the word “video” in the subject of sending the mailing contributes to increasing the open rate by up to 19%, as well as improving the CTR by 65% ​​and decreasing unsubscription requests by 26%.

Smartphones have greatly contributed to the development and increase in online video consumption among users. 69% of smartphone owners say that online videos are the ideal content to consume content. It helps them discover and learn about content, providing a more complete and general image of the product, as well as building trust. These conclusions coincide with the trends recently published on these pages, where the usefulness of videos as a claim for the call to action, their strategic application to get leads, and the improvements in terms of analytical and optimization tools of this type are highlighted. of content.

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