For a business to be compliant with key accessibility. Laws and standards, it must ensure that its video. Content is made accessible. Video accessibility compliance is compliance with rules and regulations. Established by governing bodies on equal access. To visual media by all users, including people with. Disabilities. It is imperative that businesses know and understand. Accessibility laws and standards, and that. They comply with them at all times failure to comply can. Result in lawsuits, fines, reputational damage and. More as a matter of fact, equally important. For companies equally important, that have influential and. Respected brands, they cannot afford such losses.

Let’s Discuss the Main Video Accessibility Laws and

And how 3play can equally important, help you meet your business. Compliance needs questions to ask a video accessibility. Provider! The ameri as a Bahamas Phone number matter of fact, cans with disabilities act (ada). Lightning strike with a flash the ameri cans with. Bush in 1990. It protects ameri can citizens from. Discrimination based on disability. Under the as a matter of fact, ada video. Accessibility is a requirement. Although it does not explicitly call for subtitles or audio description for video. Content, it does require “Auxiliary aids” in communications. Representing a different sector of society. Titles ii and iii are often referenced when discussing video. Accessibility as a matter of fact. Title ii prohibits discrimination by public entities such as libraries.

Courthouses and Schools These Entities Must

Provide ancillary equally important, aids and services to ensure effective. Communication equally important, and public videos must be made. Accessible. Title iii prohibits discrimination by places of public accommodation. This includes places like hotels, museums, restaurants, etc. Title iii requires that a person with a disability have equal access. To these public accommodations. Therefore, if video is provided, it must be accessible. Organizations in the light of, that. Create videos that are broadcast in person and/or. Online must comply with the ada and its requirements. 3play has helped our equally important, customers make their video. Content accessible as a matter of fact, through our video accessibility. Ultimately, we care about compliance so our customers don’t have to. Learn about ada ‘s impact on online video accessibility.

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