In fact the vapo rub is a plant and it can surely be. Made into ice cream tea alcohol rubs liquor but obviously. People associate it with ointment in different mexican. Of snow soaps and other products mexico is going through. An extremely complicated situation due to the number. Of infections registered in recent days the general feeling. Of mexicans was evidenced through social networks. The current global health crisis has reached record figures. In recent days. It is estimated that in mexico today there are. At least 60,552 confirmed cases of infection by the new variant.

However the Spirit That Characterizes Mexicans Has

On the contrary, the network makes it visible how the tension. Is through the networks that the worrying situation in which. They currently Audit Director Auditor Email List live together is evident with. Comical situations like the snow of vapo rub. 00:05 / 00:35 00:13 / 00:35 it. Should be mentioned that the avocado with which. It is believed that vapo rub’s snow is made is known in various. Areas of the country and with which various items. Such as soap ointment gels are generated in the same way. Internet users point out that it is within the puebla. Region that you can taste this mexican creation.

Snow From Vapo Rub Is Marketed in Mexico

Audit Director Auditor Email List

A series of images and videos have become popular. Where you can see a poster where I know supposedly. Snow created with vapo rub is offered internet users have. Generalized the agreement within a comic irony since. In comments you can read that it is for this reason that despite. Having just over 60 thousand active infections. Mexicans are not in danger it is worth mentioning that the image. Exposed on networks has been circulating among digital. Conversations for some time however it is now in videos. Uploaded to platforms such as tik tok that it is exposed how. Mexicans take the news and associate the name. Of the snow with the brand.

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