The lack of products in stock delays with delivery. Dates and mistreatment of merchandise are some of the. Recurring complaints of ecommerce consumption. Digital commerce has boomed in recent years due to. Social distancing forced by the current global health crisis. It is estimated that by 2022 at least 39 percent of the. Mexican population makes purchases online on a daily basis. The growing outbreak of infections puts consumption. In physical stores at risk derived from the problems. Generated by the current pandemic. And mostly due to mandatory social. Distancing consumers around the world have found. It necessary to migrate to new strategies and technologies.

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Digital commerce or ecommerce, the great solution. Since it is through these platforms and trading markets. Such as the market place, that it IT Lead Manager Email List was possible. To keep trading in rotation, in addition to these platforms. Dedicated to the delivery and logistics of products. Through apps, they allowed that this business model. Grew exponentially in a short time however users. Return to physical stores or the consumption preference. Within them, the lack of products in stock the delay. In delivery times, the change without prior notice of. Purchase policies and the damage to products by. Parcel companies, are some of the main recurring. Annoyances presented by consumers. And companies in physical it must be taken into.

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Social networks such as twitter, facebook and instagram. The reality of the banker users return to physical stores. According to data provided by statista, it is estimated that by 2020. Just over 39 percent of the mexican population. Regularly consumes either goods or services through. Platforms stores and digital businesses within. This growing trade the use of apps has positioned itself as. One of the favorites however users point out that this. Form of trading is not always the best option it is worth. Mentioning that although the practice of online. Commerce has remained booming since its exponential. Growth as a result of the current pandemic the. Preference of users remains within consumption.

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