The use of bots leads to endless benefits. if you choose not to abuse their services. A user on social networks has shown his fight with a rappi bot. Accusing the brand of carrying. Out an invasive digital advertising strategy . Advertising is an area.  To send their respective messages to their established audiences. According to the graph shown by statista on the evolution of global spending on advertising , it is expected that this will have registered. The amount of 691.5 billion dollars, expecting constant growth over the years so that it reaches represent 865.

12 Billion Dollars in 2024. Today There Are Endless Ways to Bring

Either through e-mail marketing, push notifications, advertising on social networks, use of bots , among endless other alternatives to explore, which could annoy some users due to their high influx of notifications or messages. User fights with Georgia WhatsApp Number List rappi bot and accuses the brand. Of invasive advertising different ways exist to reach consumers directly through different digital marketing strategies , be it in their notification section, text messages in applications, and even their email inbox, something quite common to see today; however, this does not mean that this type of situation is well received by users. On this occasion.

Showing His Particular Fight With the Bot in Charge of Providing Service via Whatsapp,

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Where he accuses the brand of interference in his digital and advertising space. Invasive, because they will “never” use their app again. , among the main reasons, due to the use of bots. This only reflects the opinion of the consumer and the conversation that it generates in the digital pulse, for which merca 2.0 requested the position of the brand in order to tell both sides of the story.

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