AdWords Now Showing Ad Version History

Online marketers using the newest Google AdWords experience are now able to edit their ads, save their edits, and then view their version history. This new feature lets you see the previous versions of an ad, and saves all the data regarding how the older versions performed.


Version history also includes other information, including when the ad was edite, ad running period, and what changes were make. These reports can  exporte to a spreadsheet or downloaded as CSV reports.

This update is useful for those who prefer to edit their ads rather than pausing or removing old ads and then creating new ones.  AdWords campaign managers can save time as well as compare performance metrics for their ad variations.


Google Concludes Zero-Results Experiment

This one will have some webmasters breathing a sigh of relief! For one week, Google conducted the “condensed view” experiment. Basically, everyone asking time, calculation and conversion-related queries were only shown a single answer, with a “show all results” button underneath.

In a Twitter announcement by Danny Sullivan, Google’s search liaison, he wrote:

We have enough data and feedback — which is appreciated — to conclude that the condensed view experiment should stop for now. The team will look at improving when and how it appears.

David also said that the experiment was conducted to “further speed up load time.” However, that quick experiment shook the industry — leading to some very wild theories and some premature dystopian horror stories springing up.

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Google Express Launches Shopping Actions

The big search engine recently launched Shopping Japan Phone Number Actions for Google Express — the faster way to shop online with Google. This allows searchers to buy products from retailers through Google with a universal cart.

This is a much faster and easier way to get your shopping done. Plus, it’s also more cost-effective than just running Google Shopping ads since it runs on a pay-per-sale model.

Google Express is only available in the United States of America for now, so New Zealand will have to wait. Check out our previous blog post to learn more about Shopping Actions!

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