Digital applications are today the phenomenon. That is transforming daily life, through them it is now. Possible to work study buy and request transportation. However from the perspective of some users there is still some. Uncertainty regarding its use, since although the trend. Is increasing the majority. Of citizens still remain within a digital integration and. Therefore the use of apps for this reason initiatives such as. The one proposed by an uber driver who placed a. Screen inside his vehicle to improve the user experience. Positively beneficial to the general. Perspective of consumers causing them to generate. Confidence in giving opportunity to these apps.

The Digital Platforms That Allow Requesting Private

Taxi-style transportation allow a driver to connect with. A user among these uber didi and bet are the ones that. Dominate the market thus allowing Macau B2B List users to have various. Transportation options in addition to the services that mexico city. Offers therefore in a competitive market positioning is a. Fundamental piece to remain within the preference of. Consumers who are extremely active and susceptible to. What companies and their workers do uber driver invests. In customer service knowing frequent consumers and their needs. Allows us to provide a better experience causing a better. Relationship such is the case of one of a driver partner of. The uber platform which generated conversation. Because his story was shared on networks.

It Can Be Seen How a User of the Uber

Macau B2B List

Application is surprised to see that on his trip he had an. Interactive screen placed which allows him to interact. With various advertising applications and even know the. Itinerary of the airport is user points out as a novel proposal. And technology that improves the travel experience. In addition to the initiative exposed by the driver partner. The virali zation of the video allows to generate a debate in. Networks which leans on the importance of taking into account the. Users in such basic aspects as it provides an experience. That goes a little more beyond the routine. Service examples like the above are added to. Those carried out by some platform delivery partners.

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