One of the main indicators through which we can verify the rise and extension of the penetration of mobile devices is through the rate of opening of emails that they register. A fact that, currently, confirms the golden age that these mechanisms are going through, which have become the main supports for opening these contents. It is the main conclusion reached by a recent study carried out by the company Movable Ink, carried out on more than 1.2 million emails opened between January and March of this year, which were sent to the databases of clients of this company, which includes both individuals and B2C companies from the travel, finance, media and telecommunications sectors.

Specifically, the report reveals that two thirds of the emails that users open (67%) come from both smartphones and tablets, although the proportion between these two devices is different. Thus, smartphones have an open rate that exceeds 50% while tablets account for 17% of email openings. This figure confirms a second relevant fact, such as the fact that desktop  Macedonia phone number list   devices only account for 33% of all open emails. Likewise, this majority of open emails also reflects another hegemony, that of emails that are opened depending on the types of operating systems that customers use, which shows a positive balance for iOS. Thus, 56.9% of the emails were opened from Apple devices while the remaining 9.7%, which was registered by Android devices.

Within each type of device, during the first quarter of the year, likewise, 41% of emails were opened from iPhones, 16% from iPad, 7% from Android phones and the remaining percentage, just over 1 %, from tablets also belonging to Android. In another order of matters, the Movable Ink report also considers the conversions that were registered by users based on the type of devices they used. In this sense, the highest conversion volume went to smartphones, and specifically, to the iPhone, which experienced a conversion rate of around 41%.

In this sense, desktop devices came in second place, registering a conversion rate of 33%. For its part, the iPad registered 16% and Android smartphones, 6.5%. The remaining 2% relative to conversion rates was recorded on Android tablets and other types of operating systems, such as Windows. Finally, the biggest surprise in this report is found in the data regarding the time users read emails on these devices. And, according to this report, it was greater than 15 seconds (the highest value analyzed) in Kindle devices, since they registered a rate of 56%.

Next in the ranking relative to this time of reading emails are Android smartphones (54%), Windows smartphones (45%), personal computers and laptops (39%), iPhone and iPad (35% and 25%). %, respectively). These last devices, paradoxically, in addition to being the ones with the highest opening and conversion rates, are the ones with the shortest reading time, since they obtain the highest rates of the categories analyzed in relation to reading times of less than three seconds. and between five and 15 seconds, respectively.
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