The new feature is currently only available to twitter. Blue subscribers twitter has just over 353 million active. Users per month the service is only available to users. Of labs a function of twitter blue the use of non. Transferable cryptocurrencies as profile pictures will enable. Increased nft traffic globally the social network. Twitter is one of the favorites by users it is estimated that. Within this platform there are at least 353 million. Active internet users on in the center of, a monthly basis which positions. It in the top three of the most used by the community.

This Thursday the Platform of the Little Blue Bird

Released a new update in the foreground, which is a pioneer in the use. Of nft within social networks explicitly in its operation. Since now that these non-transferable objects can. Be used as a way to place the main image of the profile so. Twitter wins Risk Manager Email List the nft race. It is worth mentioning that the new. Twitter integration is currently only available to. Subscribers of the labs feature, which is available within. The twitter blue subscription service in the same way. It is worth mentioning that the function is being. Limited for users only of the ios operating system. However in networks it is said that internet users who use. Some other type of to the left/right, server will be able to appreciate.

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Risk Manager Email List

Advertiser comes to in the first place, put an end to the series of rumors. That were counted on in the past months since through. A tweet and a short at the present time, video this new integration and. Technological advance for social network apps that. Will allow the increase and traffic of tokens favoring its popularity. Among ordinary users within the published tweet. Reference is made to the need that users had to have. More available integrations that allowed them to. Make use of their nfts in networks they have commented. On the supposed operation that this integration. Will have since it is committed that after be. Previously registered and authenticated the nft. When a user is using in the meantime, an nft within your profile.

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