Today’s stream suspended until further notice! A Dodge Ram truck crashed into the gaming room when I was there. You can imagine the scare, but we’re fine!” the gamer wrote. The accident had no repercussions other than a scare and material losses, the affected person announced. Social distancing brought with it an incredible immersion within digitality, causing every aspect to be transformed, from the way in which society now entertains itself, studies, lives together, trades, generates banking movements and works,

Created From Social Networks and Digital Platforms, Which Have Become

Extremely profitable, generating large fortunes, this due to the money granted by the apps, as well as the collaborations with companies and above all the donations that fans make, that is why today hundreds of young people start a digital life, as content creators; however, outside of this business model, real, physical life exists, The Greece WhatsApp numbers list streamer known in the digital world as Predz0rx, was the victim of a shocking moment which caused him a great shock, because a truck hit the property head-on, knocking down part of the four walls that protected the room from the which the affected person carried out his transmissions, the fact was quickly shared by users on social networks, and from the official profile of the affected person on Twitter stramer.

We Are Fine!” the Gamer Wrote. Given What Happened and a Few

Greece WhatsApp numbers list

Minutes after what happened, the streamer made a post. viral. In a few hours, the comment says the following: “Happily, you are fine and nothing happened. To you”, “Don’t stain, good mess you’re fine”, “If we’re fine, there’s no problem. The rest has a solution” and “High-risk job”, it was also announced during the event that the streamer declared. That he is fine . Within the digital conversation, the streamer continued to follow. Up, thanking his followers, asking for their support and congratulating the quick response of the security forces. By declaring the following: “To die there is only to be alive, usually these houses do not have concrete there… my house, particularly if it has one, and according to the firemen

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