Well, how are you, Friday, huh? But if they are the worst day for Community managers or social people or even digital marketing!


It is the day that the worst online reputation crises explode, usually around 8:30 p.m., when you are ready to go out to dinner or have so many beers that you cannot even read the tweets without crying!

Has it never happened to you? It’s beastly. For me in life there are two types of Community Managers:

  • those who have experienced an online reputation crisis
  • and those who have not yet lived it but don’t worry, they will live it… hehehe

Well, I really hope it doesn’t happen to you… just kidding. It is awful!


So far it hasn’t worked for me, I don’t know if it’s because it doesn’t have batteries, it doesn’t get a Wi-Fi signal… or because I’m not good at reading its signals. Do not know. It still works today because there is a lot of energy here


In social media, and in digital marketing in general, we like to talk about what will happen in the coming months, what will happen, what will be a trend…

Tell me something ball. I hear you… Nothing at all. It’s still early, it’s 9 o’clock…

  • A few months ago, with the appearance of Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories and WhatsApp statuses, I read that Snapchat was going to die in a few months. Last week there was a story that said Guatemala Phone Number that Snapchat is going to spend more on advertising than Facebook. And that its number of active users per month grows by 5%, although it loses on the stock market.
  • We have been saying for 7 years that Google + is going to disappear. It’s still there, like Jordi Hurtado in Figures and Letters. By the way, did you know that MySpace, Fotolog, Hi5 still exist… An app called Path that was going to unseat Instagram

Do you think I dare to speak of the future? I confess that I don’t, that I don’t even dare to write a post about the trends in social media for the next 6 months… I don’t even dare to retweet it! Hahaha  Best database provider | Buy Mobile Database

I don’t know what will work in 6 months or a year, sorry. The ball does not speak to me. But I can tell you what is working for us now.


– It works for us to define the buyer person with the client . Do a workshop with them and define it, get to know it, know what it does in its buyer journey or purchase process… Even the CEM (customer experience manager: knowing all the points of contact that the client has had) And I love doing it from different sectors because I learn a lot. Each sector is completely different (tourism, small consumption, insurance, NGOs, foundations…) a whole world! How do you buy shoes? And the travels? Buah, don’t talk to me about the tourism sector, I’m coming up!

2- Another thing that works for us, once we have the buyer persona… It is to sit down with the Inbound Marketing team to create the content strategy : SEO, UX, content, performance… When we sit down, we each think differently. We are misaligned. But when we leave the meeting there is the same goal and many ideas. I find it so much fun to come to an understanding! And the process is sooo creative. Also, since there are millennials in the group, completely different things come out.

3- The use of chatbots. We are talking about artificial intelligence! This was in the movies when I was a kid. Well, teenager now . I am not talking about a chatbot that chases you around the web, as if you were in a store and you had the clerk behind you asking: Hello, can I help you? do I help you? you need something? Not because you turn around and hit him. A chatbot that helps you at the right time… in a phase of the funnel in which you’re on the verge of candy… Hi, I’m Clara, if you ever need me, I’m here to help you. And also right now in the store we have 10% on the purchase of these garments. Oscar!

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