As the end of the year approaches, more are the predictions trying to determine what will happen during the coming year. Knowing what the future will be like (and above all having sufficient foresight and being able to analyze in detail what will happen without failing) is a good element to secure positions for 2015. At the moment, it is already known that big data and mobility will be two of the technological tools that will keep companies on their toes during the coming year. Or that content marketing will revalidate positions and become even more established. That the mobile will be the king of everything that is done during the period. Or that big brands will spend – a lot – on native advertising over the next year. But in addition to general lines, the predictions of what to expect in the industry during 2015 also allow us to analyze specific markets. Digital marketing has established itself in recent years as an element that companies cannot (and should not) give up and the trend will continue during the following year. But what can you expect in 2015 from digital marketing? Forbes magazine just published seven predictions for the future on how the industry will face the next year. Mobile optimization According to Forbes , mobile optimization will be a “more important than ever” element during the period. In 2015, companies will therefore have to forget any prejudice they may have about mobile support and, above all, not forget about it (something that many firms are doing right now).

Worrying about mobile support will also go much further than just tapping the web to make it work: according to the prediction, it will not be about having a responsive design site or creating a mobile application so that consumers can access from their smartphones in a simple way what the company can offer. Now, brands will have to work to have not only content optimized for mobile devices (and that are designed directly for them) but they will also have to orient their social media marketing strategy to the demands of mobile consumers. Spending on social media ads will increase Brands are more aware of the importance in their  France WhatsApp Number List  strategy of social networks and they know that these tools are essential to reach the consumer. Until now, the strategy was mostly about being active on social media and creating conversations. From now on, it will also be checked out. Social networks have seen their advertising revenues increase in recent times, while, as determined by the Forbes columnist , brands are increasingly satisfied with the results offered by ads on social media. To all this should be added an unquestionable fact: for brands it is increasingly difficult to reach consumers organically on the main social networks, so they have no choice but to pay to do so.

The latest change to Facebook’s algorithm will push them even further along that line. And while Forrester has advised brands to abandon Facebook , it seems unlikely that they will. Content marketing will be even more important In recent months, many studies have confirmed what brands were already intuiting. Consumers are increasingly receptive to content and increasingly expect brands to bet on them. In addition, native advertising is gaining ground, because brands have found that consumers pay more attention to such content than to more traditional ads. Both consumer and B2B marketers are betting on it and will do so more in the foreseeable future. 2015 could also bring a new style of content marketing, or rather a new format. As mobile becomes more important and brands assume that it is more necessary to create specific content and solutions for those devices, more specific content for mobile devices will begin to be created. Shorter formats or content more related to location issues will therefore be more common. Email marketing is not dead The siren songs that point to the death of email are many: social networks are changing everything and the message through email no longer makes sense. But is that true?

The truth is that email marketing has not only not disappeared but also continues to have high acceptance rates. 70% of consumers continue to open brand emails. In 2015, brands will give you, according to Forbes estimates , renewed attention. The emails will also be allied with the content marketing strategy and will serve, for example, to continue giving life to the content already published (the brands will help readers to reconnect with them via pdfs and other downloadable media that they can read on your tablets or ereaders). Likewise, companies are going to work even more on differentiation in their email shipments. The separation between SEO, content marketing and social media will be finerSEO has never died in the digital marketing strategy of companies. Nobody has given up yet (at least not in a massive way in the percentages of companies’ strategy) to position themselves well in search engines. Who would want to stay on the sidelines of Google’s top results pages when it is still one of the top sources of traffic? Content marketing has been increasing its weight within the marketing strategy since consumers demand content, but at the same time that content helps the brand to better position itself within the network. The same happens with social networks: brands have developed a social media strategy because buyers expect them to be on them (and they have many associated advantages), but search engines are beginning to take into account issues related to them as well. The border is therefore more diffuse and the

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