So you know that you want to generate more leads through your website, and you know that landing pages are the best way to accomplish that. But how do you go about creating an effective landing page?


There is no secret recipe for creating the perfect landing page, but there are several basic rules you can follow to ensure your landing page leads to more conversions.

We have summarised some of these top tips for you here.


Ensure Your Page Headlines and Ad Copy are Consistent

If you are going to be driving traffic to your landing page through paid search (and you should certainly consider doing so), it’s a good practice to ensure that your messaging is consistent between the ad and the content of the page. When the page headline and the ad copy complement each other, the AdWords score improves and conversions generally improve as well.


Write Compelling Headlines

In order to capture the audience’s attention, clear and compelling headlines are a must. Your headline should reference a specific aspect or value proposition that is related to the content of the landing page. A catchy headline draws a user’s attention and makes it more likely that they will stay on the page and convert. Below is an example a compelling headline from GitHub’s website.


Leverage Prominent & Strong Calls-to-Action

Succinct, actionable language is key to an effective CTA. There are certain words that do a stellar job of attracting a user’s attention, such as “free” and “new”. The use of these words in your CTA help it stand out. Big France Phone Number and bright buttons also do the trick; avoid using hyperlinked text alone as a CTA since these are easily overlooked.


Display Security Badges and Trust Indicators

When users need to provide confidential information such as their credit card number, it is always a good idea to use display badges from well-known third-party security organisations. This practice shows users that your website is trustworthy and removes a barrier that might prevent them from handing over sensitive details.  Best database provider | Buy Mobile Database


Use the Above-the-Fold Trick

The most important content of a web page should strategically place in spaces that are viewable without scrolling. This content includes your CTAs and any particularly persuasive marketing copy. All of these elements should be placed where they can be easily seen by a user’s eye.

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