The abolition of various customs such as for example giving up one’s seat on the bus. When an elderly person appears respecting the queues at the cash registers politely. Allowing the other to precede an entrance or to use polite phrases and terms has led to an increased acceptance of violence. Because everyday rudeness as well as seemingly painless petty thefts or petty violations are manifestations of violence which is not far from criminal except in terms of size. And size is not a dimension of morality. Since the moral law is no longer connected with the criminal law no repression. Threat of repression can prevent crime. And the very society concerned about criminal violence has already but deeply corrosive version. Leads to the weakening. The defense mechanisms of the individual when he is faced with the opportunity of the criminal act. The gradual restoration of small values ​​is likely to restore aversion to everyday and seemingly painless violence.

The goals of education art professional and social life

The constant erinyes of existence failure and boredom these seeming. Aadversaries of ours are our companions and counselors. After all to remember Proust we cannot fear a fear greater than we can face nor hope a hope greater than we can realize. Because otherwise neither fear nor hope Jewelry Retouching Service could be conceived by our minds. Failure teaches. Success undermines the spirit. It lulls it to sleep and calms it down. It favors the repetition of conveniences and does not promote dealing with contradictions. Identification with it leads to disillusionment and laying down of arms since the duration and frequency of its presence is inversely proportional to our desire. The struggle to face and reverse a failure is a more lifegiving struggle than that aimed at defending a success. For our society however values ​​related to the happy outcome and success matter. And not with the consistency of the effort and the quality of the process.  Are strengthened by the syndrome of success.

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The removal of inhibitions cultivated from childhood

The first the most famous the richest the best. Blessed are those distinguished on the scale of achievements. Blessed are the laurelled. The mere thought that failure will be our most permanent companion is judged to be indelibly painful. Woe to the new artist who begins Bold Data with a work of importance. Success will burden their lives and hinder their development. Since no one explained to them the value of going through successive failures in search of the possible but always doubtful and undefined success. Since no one familiarized them with the idea that our abilities are also our opponent. Let’s accept failure as a status and success as a welcome detour. Let’s learn to accept the first without bragging and the second without cheering. This is how we will cross our path with sobriety curiosity and interest. To recognize momentary happiness and fight the everpresent boredom. So blessed are the losers since theirs is the kingdom of dreams.

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