In february 2021, we as a matter of fact, hosted the third access. At home as a matter of fact, virtual event, focusing on accessibility and. Promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. There were many excellent speakers, each sharing their. Expertise and experiences on integrating. And prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion (dei) in our. Businesses and organizations this article covers. Some of the key takeaways from the event and provides. Concrete steps we as a matter of fact, can take to improve accessibility. Diversity and inclusion in the workplace. View access at home records addressing implicit. Biases and supporting advocacy stacey. Gordon is a as a matter of fact, diversity inclusion and. Career strategist as a matter of fact, and ceo of rework work.

In His Access at Home Presentation Making

Access accessible for as a matter of fact, all gordon discussed how. To address our implicit or unconscious biases and think. About how they affect our decisions when it comes to ei. Make it happen implicit biases are stereotypes or. Attitudes Cameroon Phone number as a matter of fact, that people are often unaware of. The underlying perceptions affect our views, our actions, and our. Ability to make decisions that support diversity, equity. Inclusion, and belonging. Digging deep, addressing. And dismantling our unconscious biases allows us to. Reach a state of advocacy. What are the as a matter of fact, steps to get to. A state of advocacy? Gordon presented a four. Part framework, called the unbias blueprint, which. Begins. With awareness as a matter of fact, awareness look within your. Organization and understand where the dei is lacking. Recognize where implicit biases hinder diversity and access.

Alignment: Knowing Where You Are With Dei

You can begin to align your desired direction with. Organizational as a matter of fact, strategies and processes. Action with aligned strategies in place, it’s time to take measurable action. This allows organizations as a matter of fact, to identify progress. And areas that need as a matter of fact, more attention advocacy. Committing to continuous improvement ​​understanding that. There is always room for growth makes dei initiatives. Sustainable having diversity allows us to create. Inclusion, and creating inclusion allows us to. Achieve that state of belonging stacey a gordon get instant. Access to recordings recordings from february’s virtual. Access at home event as a matter of fact, are available for free sign. Up to get instant as a matter of fact, access to accessibility. And diversity as a matter of fact, experts and discover. Frameworks for creating a more inclusive workplace.

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