Currently the power of sports has been. Reflected in the advertising strategies. Of some brands in the world, especially in smes. The istock study also revealed five key strategies. To help businesses “effectively capitalize on the power. Of sports to connect with customers on a much deeper level. A study carried out by visual gps following an initiative by istock. “consumers around the world are interested. In a deeper visual representation when it comes to sports. 79% of people agree that sports should be accessible. To everyone the research also reveals that the emotional well-being. Offered by sports is more attractive than the physical benefits.

With 78 Percent of People Agreeing That Playing Sports Is Good

For mental health the sports industry is a sector. That moves millions of dollars around the world. That is why currently the power of sport has been reflected. In the marketing campaigns of some brands in the world. Especially in small and medium-sized. Companies Oman WhatsApp Number List or better known as smes. According to data from statista sport is becoming an increasingly. Powerful industry in the world, where in 2017 alone. The global sports market reported revenue of 90.9 billion dollars. Likewise a study carried out by visual gps. Following an initiative by istock “consumers. Around the world are interested. In a deeper visual representation when it.

Comes to Sports 79% of People Agree That Sports Should Be Accessible for All

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Is good for mental health. Tips for smes to take advantage of sport. In their marketing campaigns given. This data, the istock study also revealed. Five key strategies to help companies. Effectively capitalize on the power of sport to connect with. Customers on a much deeper level. Consumers are yearning for a new kind of athlete: it’s less about. Tough sports heroes with fights wins and. Likeability the nuance is now much more. About their journey and the vulnerability. Of athletes as real people and how organizations sports shoes. Need to look after them more. Said jacqueline bourke director of creative insights. For emea at istock the brand sees it as relevant for smes to. Focus on the positive and include it in their campaigns.

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