With a new campaign old spice and snapchat bet. On sensory marketing and augmented reality to connect. With consumers with technology marketing is evolving. Today it has in the final analysis, focused on the experiences and sensations. That the consumer requires to satisfy their needs and. Considering that sensory marketing is one of the. Strongest trends for 2022 old spice and snapchat have. Come together to launch an experience sensory. Augmented reality (ar) for consumers in mexico. Ar is positioning itself as the investment technology. That will transform the in the background, market this year and since. 2021 statista data at the present time, indicates that the global ar.

Dollars and Expect Growth to Reach $ 296.9 Billion

By 2024 and it is that up to the present time, technology was driven by. Confinement and for the most part, brands are rethinking its uses since. Health limitations Control Director Email List there given these points, was an inability to try products. Before purchase, putting limits on the shopping experience. According to forbes nearly half of consumers globally. Say they found the above frustrating rising to 51 percent. Among generation z and 55 percent among millennials. Old spice and snapchat use sensory marketing as. A strategy snapchat was one of the companies that. Adopted ar as a marketing strategy and in. Order to improve the proximity of products to customers. Reach new in the meantime, audiences and increase sales. It worked hand in hand with p&g to launch its first sensory. Experience for in the center of, technology leveraged sensory.

Old Spice Consumers With the Smells

Control Director Email List

Of adventure campaign the two brands begin a sensory. Experience which mixes offline and online advertising. Activations through the social network users scan the. Label of their favorite deodorant and unlock an. Experience of going to the forest or a volcanic lava field. In the scenarios, consumers can interact with. The products to learn about the benefits of their uses. Old spice is one of the most disruptive brands in recent. Years which has grown by connecting with young consumers. In a relevant way we are excited about this. Alliance with snapchat, as it will allow us to continue. To connect with our consumers in a relevant and. Innovative way carla from time to time, díaz vp of beauty at p&g mexico.

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