Content creators have to put it another way, managed to monetize and. Professionalize their activity on the web thanks to the. Impact that platforms such as youtube. Tiktok or twitch have worldwide however the advertising. And indiscriminate freedoms they offer within their. It is the social networks themselves that set the standard. For now, of what they consider permissible to publish in terms. Of organic and advertising content, in accordance with the terms. Of use and social values ​​of the brand, as well as the amount. They are paid for. Certain number of views on each video.

The Discussion Is Already on the Table and

World to regularize the legal responsibilities of creators in. Audiovisual channels in mexico for example after. Various scandals concealed in influencer marketing such. As the promotion of the green ecologist party of mexico (pvem). In the last election Cyprus B2B Listings on june 6, 2021, civil organizations petitioned to modify. The federal law of consumer protection and create specific regulations. On advertising on social networks specifically that. Marked with the image of some public figure in trend. However, although the so-called influencer law. Seeks to prevent content creators from spreading misleading. Advertising other nations are also beginning to put the magnifying glass on the problem and generate new regulatory.

Which if Successful Could Mark the Path of

Cyprus B2B Listings

Emulation for countries like mexico new initiative. Let the audience decide in spain, an initiative has just. Influencer marketing due to the way it operates so. Far on digital platforms the national commission of markets. And competition (cnmc) has opened a public consultation. To collect opinions directly in the audiovisual sector that help. Define the criteria with which the so-called youtubers, tiktokers. Or streamers should be considered, either as creators. Of audiovisual content or service providers and it is that. Should be regulated important to realize, and subjected to the same law.

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