The active community within social networks. For the most part is usually extremely susceptible to all kinds of. Situations that are generated in terms of consumer experience. Even more so within social networks and especially on the twitter platform. It is the platform that in recent years it has become. The spokesperson for consumers an example of this is what. Is on display inside one of the stores belonging to the bodega. Aurrerá chain in which a user acknowledges that despite. Being one of the most inclusive stores this had a. Small logistics error that could lead to a bad outlook.

Situations Such as the One Pointed Out by the

Available for people who require it since due to poor. Product accommodation area designated for people. With disabilities request Belize B2B Listings help from one of the store. Employees it was blocked for their access by some. Boxes that contained product available for purchase. The tweeter also points out the importance that this has according to the store’s. Reputation since this considers that bodega. Aurrera has a great perspective as one of the stores that generates. The greatest inclusion they ask to fix the inclusive image. Of bodega aurrerá the user points out that despite. The great perspective she has on the policies. Of the store belonging to the walmart retail store group.

A small mistake could affect that perspective

Belize B2B Listings

Since through photographs that she uses as evidence. The tweeter comments that a special area designated for people. Who wish to request help was blocked by what appear to be. Large boxes full of product which generates a conflict. This error for the user leads to a bad experience she however she. Points out that she has a solution 00:05 / 00:15 00:08 / 00:15 given. The situation exposed in networks, the cm of the indicated store. Was present in the conversation in which as a comment. He declared the following hello shiíto thank you very much for contacting us. We are sorry for what you point out to us. Please tell us in which store the above happened.

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