International billboards installed on the road are one. Of the supports most used by advertisers, since they. Know that, every day, thousands of. Drivers will see the ads. To attract the attention of. Consumers behind the wheel through a billboard, you just have to use. Creativity and imagination. Such is the case of an. American artist named brian kane. Whose proposal is based on placing billboards on. The roads that merge with the environment, so that it seems that. They are a continuation of it. Related notes: do you suffer from stress? This billboard created by kit. Kat will give you a massage5 billboards that literally come. To life 10 examples of creative billboards that. You can’t miss the project, called ‘healing tool.

Aims, as Explained by the Designer on His Website to Provide

A moment of temporary relief and unexpected. Beauty during routine movements”. It is, then, billboards that blend in with nature and reflect landscapes. Such as forests or even moonlit nights. It could be said that it is a window to the world. Which merges Buy Finland WhatsApp Numbers with it without interrupting it and. In fact, you have to look closely to discover that it is actually a digital screen. This installation is characterized by its dynamism. As the images change, depending on whether it is day or night. But always to simulate natural landscapes. As brian reports on his website. These magical billboards have been presiding.

Over Several Highways Near the City

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Of boston for a month. Related notes: a hacker. Could gain control of your vehicle on the highway mercedes. Benz presents its driverless vehicle in this futuristic spot. This mcdonald’s billboard offers free ice cream if. It’s too hot this is probably the kind. Of campaign that will make customers not care. (at least for a few moments) if the temperature rises a few more degrees. Thanks to the meteorological discount station that. This official workshop has launched. Consumers will be able to benefit from as many discounts as. It is hot. Do we have a stifling 40º afternoon then. It will be 40 euros discount for the maintenance. Of the car of the interested party.

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