Smart products go hand in hand with the optimization. Of spaces allowing space savings and an increase in. Functionality the beginning of the year is one of the. Perfect opportunities to make changes within routine life. As well as in the spaces in which most of the time is spent. Such as offices homes the beginning of the year. Is beginning and with this the tenures are positioning. Themselves which is why netz home presents some. Of the trends in interior decoration that will predominate during. This year 2022 the use of predominant tones in closed. Spaces if like the tonality and hardness of the light they.

Will Be Fundamental Pieces to Obtain a Cozy Space

Within homes, the latter is possible thanks to intelligent. Devices such as the wi-fi smart spotlight wl02 netz home. Which will allow measuring the intensity Compliance Director Email List hardness and color. Tone of the spaces to be illuminated the use of intelligent. Luminaires which allow intercommunication with different. Devices and in turn the management of the intensity. And color of the light that is provided to the spaces will allow. The optimal grouping of the other decoration trends. Designed for the different spaces to be transform vibrant colors. As well as recycled materials and abstract. Patterns are a great strategy to start any interior decoration. Project sustainability currently plays. An important role which is why occupying vintage.

Living Vegetation Are Great Strategies

Compliance Director Email List

And the favorite trend in social networks as well as. Seeking open spaces and large entrances of light has. Begun to become fashionable again, to such an extent. That architecture has begun to prioritize these spaces. Minimalism is a trend that has gained strength in recent years. The use of intelligent or dual-function furniture allows space. Saving and will turn any place into a multitasking site. In addition this trend brings with it and in. Accordance with sustainability the search to optimize and. Not to oversaturate the spaces three christmas. Jobs that will surprise you like everything within this new. Normality the technological and digital aspects. Are now the decorative pieces and above all.

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