One of the reasons why many head to this country is because it is full of legends and mysteries like the vampire known throughout the world Count Dracula whose castle you can find in this country. In addition it also has an area bathed by the Black Sea many tourists also come here to disconnect and live a different vacation. For this reason at Inter Mundial we have prepared this post with the best tips for traveling to Romania . We want you to know that the best thing to do before heading to a country like Romania is to take out travel insurance.

You Can Be Covered At All Times

Expense that could annoy your trip . One of the situations that could arise is that you need medical attention and although it is true that in Romania you can make use of your European Health Insurance Card it may not cover all the Country Email List care you need. Therefore taking out insurance may be the best option to travel with peace of mind. 1. Do I need a visa to travel to Romania? We begin with this list of tips for traveling to Romania with one of the questions that many travelers ask themselves when heading to this country whether a visa is necessary.

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In The Event Of An Unforeseen Problem

In the event that you are a citizen of the European Union and your stay is going to be less than three months in Romania you will not need a visa to be in the country. Your ID or passport will suffice to enter the country . 2. Best time to travel to Bold Data Romania We continue with the tips for traveling to Romania to talk about the best time to visit this country. It is true that Romania is a country that has mild and even somewhat hot summers and winters whose temperatures are usually very low throughout the country. at different times of the year will depend on the plans you want to make.

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