ecommerce website a user more than an unfriendly website. Worry about making your ecommerce a clear space that offers all the comforts in terms of design and content so that those future customers always come back to buy from you, whether with a CyberWow campaign or not. If you want users to stay with you and recommend you, it is key to think carefully about the navigability of your website . 4. Expand your payment options While it is true that people are becoming more accustomed to carrying out banking transactions

over the Internet, you should not forget those who are just going digital. Expand all the payment options you see fit : from accepting credit cards and bank transactions to cash on delivery. And if you can join a financial institution that offers interest-free installments to its customers, even better! 5. Build customer loyalty with an adequate after-sales service  there is nothing better than offering a close support service with them either by phone or chat. Also, remember that this is the ideal phase to convince them to make a new purchase, implementing benefits, for example,

To Retain Ecuador Phone Number Your Customers

to those recurring customers or those who you know always come to your business during these campaigns. woman in a call center answering a call Although trends prict that the most Ecuador Phone Number opular categories in sales are electronics, video games, fashion and footwear , the truth is that all businesses must be prepar for this event, as there is a lot of demand for all types of companies. So now you know, if you have your own virtual store and you are thinking of taking advantage of this CyberWow, plan very well the actions and promotions that you will carry out in order to bring


the public to your online store. Get advice from specialists and make your business grow like never before. If you want to know in what other ways you can enhance your ecommerce brand,  learn more about the Impulse Commerce service .Ecommerce trends in 2022: the opportunities of Augmented Reality in the online shopping experience Augmented Reality offers great opportunities to add value to the online shopping experience of consumers. Learn how here. edward eneque edward eneque Founder – CEO The pandemic came to change the way consumers buy,

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which has had a huge impact on retail. Since 2020, online shopping has become the main retail sales channel. However, companies were not prepared to be able to provide solutions or good experiences to their customers. That is why companies like Nicolás Martelanz, CEO and founder of Motion Displays, believe that it is essential to generate value, both technological towards consumers and also in retail. And it is precisely about this that he spoke in his presentation called “Augmented Reality and 3D: The ecommerce experience that converts” that took place within the framework of Trends Ecommerce Day

2022 , an event organized by Impulse . What is Augmented Reality (AR)? The main feature of Augmented. Reality is that it invites you to see things in a different, new way and literally opens. The window onto another world. “Not to be confused with virtual reality which. Takes us away from the physical environment and into a completely computer-generated world. With Augmented Reality we are in our physical environment and. Thanks to a compatible device, we see information above reality through a camera”,

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