Therefore, provide  to optimize their platforms, increase the conversion and profitability of their businesses. They are live online workshops that we then record and share on LinkedIn to make the value of these sessions known to potential prospects. 5. Answer questions Question research is a useful tool for salespeople to better understand the flow of any sales call or demo. For this, some niche question research tools can be used. One of them is the Google option of: “People also ask”. This shows possible questions relevant to a query that can be

Therefore, helpful in understanding the flow of a discussion. user making a query in google from his cell phone 6. Include social influencer-drive testing According to TopRank Marketing ‘s 2020 B2B Influencer Marketing Report , 78% of businesses say their prospectinfluencers, while 74% say influencer marketing improves the prospect experience and of the client with the brand. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to use influencer-driven social testing on content. Seeing well-known and respected faces in the industry at a demo or other sales enablement content can do wonders for sales team performance.

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Therefore, influencer testing a product and sharing the video on social networks A first step is to contact those influencers known to the brand and invite them to beta test a product in order to receive Finland Phone Number eedback. Much of that feedback can prove useful for sales enablement content. 7. Facilitate the content to the sales team With sales enablement content created. The next task is to find a way to make it easier for sales team members to find it. There is no single solution here, as you can consider creating an internal wiki, a


Therefore, knowledge base, etc. The idea is to be searchable and easy to organize. Practical application in the health sector: Case Auna B2B Chiclayo Now let’s see a practical application of how to create the best sales enablement content, in this case with Auna B2B Chiclayo, one of the leaders in the health sector in Peru and who was looking to connect offer their services. At Auna they had some information about the prospects they wanted to reach, but there were no specific contacts, so they worked

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Development of a content experience as a virtual event for prospects to leave their data and a robust database can be created. Deployment, development and distribution of content through LinkedIn. A fundamental social network to relate Auna with prospects and key people in organizations. In this way, the brand was related to the buyer person through a kind of advisor that offered. Them valuable content about the pandemic and how the various organizations or businesses could deal with the

Pandemic with two specific focuses that were discovered in the content development process. Mental health Vaccination With these topics in mind, a LinkedIn event was created. That included sliders, very specific infographic content, as well as polls. Incredible results were achieved: the number of initial contacts the brand had quadrupled. Without a doubt, this laid the foundation for the Auna B2B Chiclayo sales team to understand. That it was essential to have a content platform through which they could interact with prospects. In addition to using the content created at the event to continue nurturing and

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