The deserted cathedral of Turin in front of the chapel where the shroud. Christ is kept with the tortured imprint of His body two nuns are discussing. The older one explains to of this imprint. Beside him a young man on his knees weeps silently. This scene has often come to my mind when I have been faced with an audience or students and someone in the audience in front of a picture. I supported as good blurted out the inevitable yat as an expression of discomfort rather than curiosity about the mysterious and inexplicable function of the work of art. The vertical reality it depicts is even further from the inexplicable while at the same time it gives the critic maniacs an opportunity to assign it interpret it and finally devour it. Helpless and at the same time arrogant viewers of the image draw what the surface of the photograph offers them. Instead of meaning that these constitute an entrance for a pleasure they take them as the final content and prefer the analysis to the pleasure.

Photography causes even more discomfort

They call to their aid symbols allusions and allusions and all sorts of mental. C crutches so as to reassure their doubts and caress their audience since the acceptance of the inexplicable eludes their prejudices. However photography like all art impresses them with the obvious subversion Philippines Photo Editor of the depicted. Death is not depicted in the photograph so that it can be referred to and interpreted from there. The photograph itself becomes death. Photography like any art does not move by referring to reality. The photo itself creates the emotion. The photographer and every artist utters a poetic speech which does not prove but hints. The discourse approach to art cannot ignore that art begins where discourse ends. That is why it is necessary for the latter to wander in the area of ​​abstraction where the interpretations are negated. The illfated nuns were trying to approach faith from the wrong entrance. Taking it for granted they excluded the ultimate pleasure of doubt.

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The word meritocracy has often become a valuable

The broken man at their side let the inexplicable touch him and allowed his doubt to crush him thus driving. Closer to what he was unable or uninterested to interpret. Perhaps a completely different more Zen approach to art would better highlight its autonomous Bold Data existence and function. Something like the tongueincheek response of a friend of mine who participated as an audience. At a talk of mine a decade ago and who from the back. The room responded to a studious teenager who again submitted. The dreaded why echoed the since legendary why does the cat fart.There are many bitternesses that accompany our lives. Perhaps one of the worst is the one due to the doubt about our limits. For this reason submitting ourselves or our work to the judgment of a third party takes on dimensions of mental survival shield alibi and hope. But it seems that we have all tacitly agreed to write it off as vague and impractical and indeed under the influence of strong arguments.

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