Therefore, in transmission and the uncontrolled dissemination of cultural features, one can continue to think of separate cultural areas, indigenous cultures and cultures. foreign? Isn’t this weakening of the concept of culture what has brought identity to the forefront? And  the weakening of the nation-state that has turned political and social argumentation into a cultural and identity discourse? Today we live immersed in a globalized capitalism, based on the ability of this economic system to function around the planet as if it

Therefore, were a unit every day, and this means that at this time there is no national economic policy or enterprise. that it can be independent of what is happening in the rest of the planet, among other things because globalization begins with the globalization of capital, financial globalization (every day, in the foreign exchange market, about 3 trillion dollars are exchanged, about 3 times the GDP of Spain). Therefore, what happens in each national economy depends on a series of economic relations on a global scale. In the face of this, what is behind the question of whether

Will It Not Be

Therefore, or not we are a nation? The estate reality was typical of feudal society or the Old Regime: would it Bulgaria Phone Number  ake sense to use the concept of estate in the sociological analyzes of an advanced society in the 21st century? Doesn’t the same thing happen with the terms nation and national identity in a globalized world? Or can national claims and policies of difference and recognition be defensive strategies in the face of the possible cultural uniformity and homogenization of the planet? Germany and Austria speak German; Is it one nation or two? Do all English-speaking countries form



Therefore, a single nation? And are the Arab countries one nation or are they as many nations as states? Or can we only speak of a nation when it applies to those societies which have experienced / suffered a certain historical process more or less related to the bourgeois revolutions? Continuing with the subject of language, does Belgian exist? And the Swiss? And the Canadian? It seems, then, one’s own language is not essential to the constitution of a nation. The linguistic turn has reinforced the idea that being culture is basically a shared language, language

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Therefore, and language were the same thing and that the boundaries of a language or language were the boundaries of a culture (in fact, they are only the boundaries of a literature, and still). Therefore, there are those who consider that sharing a language and a language are the same thing. Per què alguns nacionalismes (català, espanyol) han identificat fortament idioma i cultura, convertint-lo en un lligam gairebé indissoluble per mitjà d’un poderós discurs polític? In this case, wouldn’t we have the same Catalan, Valencian and Balearic culture? Do all Spanish-speaking

Therefore, with the collaboration of the Official College of Doctors and Graduates in Philosophy and. Arts and Sciences of Catalonia , the Humanities program ( Degree in Humanities and. Master in Humanities: Contemporary Art, Literature and Culture ), s’ organizes. A series of conferences where four of our teaching collaborators present. Their research and reflect on key issues to understand our world and our social status. Place: Official College of Doctors and Graduates in

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